Magleby is excited to announce that we have partnered with Diversified Insurance Group as our new benefits broker. Diversified and Magleby share the same vision of employee benefits and healthcare and both partner with MotivHealth to drive change in a broken medical system. We are thrilled they are part of our team!

Why Does This Matter To You?

First and foremost, Diversified has offered Magleby a dedicated employee benefits advocate that is there to help YOU with benefits questions and concerns. When it comes to health insurance and benefits, sometimes benefits issues can be very time consuming and confusing.  You now have a dedicated team with an employee advocate and coordinators that work together to offer you a place you can go when you need assistance – no matter how big or small the issue may be. 

Your dedicated employee advocate team can help you with some of the following issues:

  • Explain how to use the entire employee benefits package
  • Assist in obtaining additional insurance Identification cards
  • Clarify the total and out-of-pocket cost for services provided
  • Assist with referrals and prior authorizations
  • Help with all levels of appeals
  • Work with carriers on billing/claim payment issues for employee medical/dental/vision/life
  • Coordinate between pharmacy and health plan for escalated pharmacy issues
  • Work with providers to file paperwork if claims have denied due to lack of required authorization
  • Answer questions and provide a recommended resolution
  • Assist with pre-existing and coverage requirements
  • Guide with a direction or obtaining authorization on medications
  • Ensure services are being coordinated when multiple doctors or coverages are involved
  • Help when gaining access to care and services
  • Explain preventative care and guidelines
  • Assist in finding a specialist for a condition or diagnosis
  • Explain network contracting, and contracted or non-contracted providers and payments
  • Assist with carrier’s online portal access

To access your designated advocate team please have use the following information:

Phone number:  801-325-5028 or 888-244-1212 ext. 5028


How Does It Matter To Magleby?

Diversified’s team will help us keep on top of what’s trending in employee benefits, negotiate for us the best prices for benefits, and be sure we are competitive with our employee benefits offerings. They’ll also provide behind the scenes reporting on our medical claims and make recommendations so we can continue to manage claims and keep claims costs as low as possible. That creates a win-win between you and Magleby as we benefit from lower overall premiums.