Company culture is important at Magleby Construction. Every year our leadership team huddles to review, hash out, and devise new focuses for a new year based on our core values.

Why is company culture important?

Our organizational culture drives the success and overall health of our company, our employees, trade partners and even our customers. Magleby Construction’s identity, internally and externally, is defined by our culture. It defines how we do business, how we interact with each other within the company, with our trade partners, suppliers we do business with and especially our customers. Our culture represents the way we do business.

The Magleby Construction culture is the sum of our beliefs – our Mantras – in action. We strive to keep our Magleby Mantras front and center in our daily operations and in our organizational structure to solidify our beliefs for a successful organization.

Our hope is that you as Magleby Construction employees become cultural advocates for “the Magleby Way”. What you do matters immensely and our hope is that you live the culture to your best ability internally and externally with the understanding that you represent the core of Magleby Construction.

Magleby Mantras

Our best today. Even better tomorrow.

In 2020 the leadership team wanted to simplify what used to be called Key Results of the company and make them something that each and every employee could relate to and own. Out of deliberation, contemplation and feedback from employees the Magleby Mantras were born. Backed by our foundational Cultural Beliefs, the Magleby Mantras take what’s important to our company and provide basic alignment for us to adhere to in our day-to-day operations.

Click here for a copy of the 2020 Magleby Mantras and Cultural beliefs. We encourage you to keep these core beliefs with you as you run through your daily job tasks, keeping in mind the importance of each Mantra and Cultural Belief. You can also request a copy from the human resource team at Magleby Construction.