Ski Passes & Summer Events




Pass Information


 8 Sundance Corporate Passes

10 Power Mountain Passes

Pass Pick Up

Sundance Passes are available for pick up from Lucinda Lange at the at the front desk in the Lindon Office during regular business hours. 

Should you have additional questions, please reach out to Lucinda Lange,

Powder Mountain ski season has ended.

Standby List – Employees

If you have reserved the passes more than twice in one month you will be placed on the standby list. 

Standby List – Saturday

Each employee may reserve the passes one Saturday a month. Any additional Saturday requests will be placed on the standby list. 

Standby List – Rules

If passes have not been reserved by the end of the business day (4:30PM) before the day requested, your reservation will be confirmed.

Lost Passes

Replacement passes cost $30 and will be billed to the name on the reservation.  All lost passes are deactivated in the system. Sundance tracks attempted usage in the event passes are stolen.  

Accidents and Injuries

The use of the Sundance Corporate Pass / Powder Mountain Pass is a benefit provided by Magleby Construction to its employees, trades, and vendors. Activities associated with the use of passes are expected to be done on personal time and in no way are considered a work activity. Therefore, any injuries or claims WILL NOT be covered by Workers Compensation.

Use Disclaimer

The user of each Sundance Corporate Pass / Powder Mountain Pass understands and agrees to indemnify and hold Magleby Construction harmless for any claims arising from the use thereof.