I have some bad news. Several of our employees ended up paying too much for CT scans and MRI’s because they didn’t take advantage of MotivHealth’s Prompt Pay Program. These folks collectively spent over $4,000 more than they would have had they used Motiv’s Prompt Pay Program.

In the Prompt Pay Program, Motiv partners with specific providers and facilities to offer a discounted rate for certain planned medical procedures like CT scans and MRI’s. By paying in advance of the procedure, you would benefit from that discount AND get $250 deposited into your Health Savings Account! What’s more is that, even though you get $250 in your HSA as part of the prompt pay savings, the full amount of the cost of the procedure is credited towards your deductible or coinsurance.

Users of the Prompt Pay Program save an average of $250 – $3,000 dollars! Be one of them!

Here’s an example (numbers for illustration purposes only):

CT Scan

Cost without Prompt Pay: $1,800

Cost using a preferred Prompt Pay partner: $1,200

Pay up front and get $250 in your HSA…

…AND the full $1,200 applies to your deductible or coinsurance.

Using Motiv’s Prompt Pay Program lowers your out-of-pocket expenses and puts money in your (HSA) pocket!

So next time you are having any sort of planned procedure, be sure to call Motiv at (844) 234-4472 and ask if the Prompt Pay Program is available for you!