As you know, Don De St Jeor has been supporting our safety efforts on a part-time basis while working with our Property Services team.  Our company and number of projects has grown to the point that we now need Don full-time in safety.  Don will be supporting the Utah safety programs for Magleby Construction and Masterpiece Trade Services (MTS) as well as the Sun Valley and Big Sky markets.

With Scott Magleby moving to support MTS as Office Manager,  the Worker’s Compensation Insurance reporting, tracking and claims will now be handled by Don. Don will also be regularly visiting our project sites to offer assistance and support from the safety front.

You may also have heard that Todd Christensen has decided to retire at the end of 2021. Todd was instrumental in creating Magleby’s Safety Program and has served as executive oversight. As you can imagine, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in safety that will take quite a while to hand off. Krystofer Gardner has agreed to take on the task. Over the coming months, he and Todd will be working closely to make the transition. Krystofer will move to providing executive oversight to the safety program and support Don as he leads out in the day-to-day safety program management. Krystofer is already heavily involved in other insurance and risk areas so this is a natural fit. Although we know no one will ever fill Todd’s shoes, with Krystofer’s knowledge of construction as well as our systems and our teams, he’s sure to give it a great effort.

We are sensitive to the needs of our clients in Property Services and don’t want them to experience any negative effects of Don’s departure from that team. Therefore, Don’s transition to a full-time safety role with take a few months. We’ll begin with transferring the administrative side of things from Scott and then move to have Don on sites more regularly after that. Quinn Heder is working closely with Krystofer and Kris Talynn to ensure a smooth transition and to find a qualified back fill for Don’s Property Services Technician role.

For any type of worker’s compensation, general liability, or auto policy concerns, etc. please reach out to Krystofer.