by Krystofer Gardner

Over the past month some updates to vehicle accident procedures and reporting were made. If you drive a company vehicle, you should have recently received a new packet for the vehicle that included these new instructions along with an updated 2020 insurance ID card.

Moving forward, here is what you need to know about a vehicle accident in a company vehicle.

If an Accident Occurs

In the event of an accident in a company vehicle, regardless of what happens, you should:

  1. STOP – Always stop if an accident occurs.
  2. EVALUATE – Determine if medical attention is needed. CALL 911 if medical attention is needed.
  3. NOTIFY – Call police to collect an incident report. Next contact Don De St Jeor @ 801.376.9957 or Krystofer Gardner @ 801.850.3686.
  4. EXCHANGE – Exchange insurance, registration, and drivers’ licenses of those involved. DO NOT discuss the accident with others except police, medical professionals, or company representatives.
  5. DOCUMENT – Take photos of the accident, and fill out accident report.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report

As part of Step 5, as identified above, you will need to fill out and submit a Motor Vehicle Accident Report. The purpose of the report is to document who was involved, and what happened. This form is required to be submitted, no matter how large or small the accident.

To download a copy of the accident form you can either scan the QR code below or click on this link.  

Now, no one likes filling out reports, so the best thing to do is be alert and drive safely. On your next – and every – driving trip, focus on driving, not multi-tasking.