March Beat the Boss Drawing Winners

Congratulations to two of our employee spouses – Katrina Rasmussen and Stephanie Ashby – for winning the March Beat the Boss drawings. Katrina won a gift card to Ruth’s Chris and Stephanie won a FitBit to help her continue on her journey for health. This challenge has been great to be able to include spouses/significant others of the employees. It’s important for everyone to strive to be more healthy.

Chad also provided an opportunity for three of the Beat the Boss contestants that fell short of beating him in the water consumption for March to beat him in a chug off during the Safety Meeting. Marco Arana, Joe Hudson and Paul Ashby each took a gallon of water against Chad to see who could drink the most of the gallon in 30 seconds. Chad awarded each of them their names be entered in the drawing for March prizes another time. Sadly, none of them won the drawings, but it was all in good fun. IMG_0568