Magleby Construction June Employee of the Month

Who has two thumbs and earned Employee of the Month at Magleby Construction??? Leif Ernst, that’s who! Leif is our awesome IT Manager and the Assistant Project Manager for Magleby Communities. Leif started with the Magleby Carpentry team, but migrated to the MPS office a couple of years ago to join the Assistant Project Manager team. He has proven his awesome technical skills by tackling various issues that have risen. He recently worked a deal with our Internet provider that saves the company a notable amount of money each month. By delivering this type of value within the company, Leif is expressing the Key Results of Fortifying our Future through financial results. Leif is a great asset to the company, and his goofy, yet productive character is in balance just enough to keep him out of trouble. Thanks for all you do Leif and congratulations!!!