The Best Way to Handle Multiple Incoming Calls

No Leg Work Required

We’ve all heard the commercial that 15 minutes could save us 15% or more on car insurance. Sure, it might. But who wants to spend the time shopping around? And not only do we need car insurance but we also need homeowners or renters insurance, boat insurance, RV insurance, motorcycle insurance, and the list goes on. That’s a lot of calls we’d need to make to get quotes for all of those things. So why not let someone do the leg work for you?

31 Ways to Be Frugal And Save Money

Employee Home & Auto Discount Program

Magleby has partnered with Bryce Arnett, Personal Lines Manager, from Arnett Insurance Services, LLC. to offer you an Employee Home & Auto Discount Program. This Program is available to ALL employees, your friends, and your family.

Bryce works with AAA rated carriers like MetLife, Progressive, Safeco, Hartford, Travelers, and Encompass to offer special reduced group rates. Getting a quote from Bryce is easy!

Quote Me

You can contact Bryce directly at (480) 830-7400 or to start the process or use the online quote wizard.

Bryce will ask you about the type of coverage and limits you currently have, what type of coverage and limits you are looking for, and he’ll identify areas where you may be under- or over-insured. He’ll recommend policy changes to best suit your needs. And the best part is he’s NOT salesy or pushy.

Once he understands your needs, he’ll go to work gathering quotes from the AAA rated carriers above. He’ll come back to you with the lowest quotes and work with you to determine next steps.

To Switch or Not

How to Switch Car Insurance Companies Safely

If Bryce is able to save you money, he’ll help you make the switch. Since these types of insurance are outside your employment at Magleby, you’ll pay the premiums directly to the new carrier just like you do now (no payroll deductions, etc.)

If he isn’t able to save you money because you already have a smokin’ deal…well…you at least now know you have a smokin’ deal and can laugh all the way to the bank! It was worth the effort for him to prove you are on the right track.

Best of all, having him quote you is completely free. Switch if it makes sense. Don’t switch if it doesn’t. Either way, there is no cost to you for the quote.

Call Today

Why wait? The call is free. He does the leg work. And I (Kris Talynn) know for sure that he’s saved people, including me, hundreds of dollars per year on car/home/boat/rv/motorcycle/renters insurance. I even have him quote me at least every two years to be sure I always have the best deal.

So, give him a call.