Focus Stories

Below are few Focus Stories we would like to share with you! Thank you to those who share there stories on PIL.

“While the framers were working at the Gardiner Home, I had the pleasure of working with Curtis Garrett. We were given the task of doing the fascia. Together we had some difficulties and many occasions we could have cut many corners. I remember Curtis telling me, “Let’s do it right.” Some time passed and we went back, I remembered we looked at what we did and it still looked just as good. Thanks Curtis for reminding me to give 100% always. This impacts the Key Results – Building Excellence.” –  Marco Arana

“Dear Magleby Family – My name is Harold Fuentes and I am the Estate Manager for the Ferrante family, one of your clients at Stein Ericksen Residences. I just wanted to give a recommendation to one of your most valuable employees, who with his great attitude and commitment to excellence, made my job a lot easier. I am referring to Scott Shumway. Scott not only validated the message placed in the video by Mr Magleby, reaching to go beyond the set standards, but I believe that he had made his personal quest to make sure the receiver of his services understand that it is extremely important that he meets and exceeds expectations. Boy, and he has done just that. Kudos to this young man who has embraced the art of true service. Please make sure he knows how happy we are with his performance. He deserves to be recognized. Thanks!” – Harold Fuentes