Focus Stories

Below are few Focus Stories we would like to share with you! Thank you to those who share there stories on PIL.

“Jeannine was give a task to help with the Palmieri job. The task was something she hadnd’t done before. Although she had a lot to do, she accepted the challenge, made it happen, and was detailed enough to make sure that she was “doing it right the first time.” Jeannine has an eye for detail and demonstrates what it truly means to be personally accountable. She is helping to push the culture of the company forward.”  – Krys Gardner

“Last week Jimmy Larsen was doing some remodeling at the Eyring home. They are adding a second washer/dryer stack in the laundry room. There was some question about where to run the second dryer vent, as the original one was not large enough for both. The hvac contractor was brought out and it was decided to add a new wall parallel with the w/d wall to hold the new vent. Later as I was looking for Jimmy to ask a question, he told me about the new wall that had to be built. Looking at it for a few minutes together we came up with a new solution to just add a valance between the upper cabinets and run the vent straight over and out the exterior wall. Sometimes having a few people look at the same problem, you can come up with a cheaper easier way to accomplish something great. The homeowner was thrilled about the new idea and how much she was going to save in the long run.” – Tyler Hopkinson