Magleby Construction May Project Spotlight

Diamondback town homes are located in Sun Valley, Idaho. Pictured below is the first phase which was completed at the end of 2015.

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Currently Magleby is working on the early stages of phase two. It includes a redesigned and improved duplex with more bedrooms, elevators and large terraces. Two single family homes and a four-plex are also being built in this phase. Foundations are completed and framing is underway. Electrical and mechanical systems are in progress with exterior stonework on the fireplaces  being placed on the 4-plex (pictured below).


Sturctural beams and framing are beginning on the duplex and extended foundations for the single family homes. Pictured below.



With an amazing team, Magleby is on track with its schedule with each week bringing structure to the Diamondback town homes. Thank you to all those who are working so hard in making it a successful project.


Magleby Construction April Project Spotlight


This project is located on a beautiful lakeside lot in Park City. Due to regulations, no new construction was allowed. The building was demolished down to the foundation. On the same footprint Magleby built a gorgeous rustic modern home showcasing its reclaimed lumber and painted steel. The project was completed within its 10 month schedule. The 4 bedroom 6 bath home boasts a gourmet kitchen, butlers pantry, bouldering cave, and media room.  The Estate Team did an excellent job of staying on budget and schedule.









Magleby Construction Project Spotlight of the Month

Group: Remodel

Project: Kirchheimer

Remodel started the renovation for David and Sherry Kirchheimer less than a year ago. It was completed last week. The project was a complete interior remodel. The biggest part of the remodel was the new ski lounge addition. The crawl space was dug out into a full basement including a game/tv room, ski bathroom, bedroom that included queen size bunkbeds, and a ski walk-out/entry. A new patio was built that included an outdoor fireplace. The rest of the interior was exquisitely redone. See pictures below.

David and Sherry were very appreciative and helpful throughout the completion of the project. They were fantastic clients. They LOVED the finished product and were able to celebrate David’s 60th birthday in their home last week! Great job Remodel for doing an OUTSTANDING job!


Bathroom Ceiling Fireplace Kitchen Living Room