Magleby Construction Sun Valley Golf Funderaiser

Magleby Construction Sun Valley sponsored a hole for an annual golf tournament fundraiser on May 14th that supports the local youth baseball and softball leagues. The 15th tee box was sponsored and occupied by the Magleby team comprised of Erik Nilsen, MC Sun Valley Home Maintenance Manager, his son Gabe and the MC Sun Valley’s Group Big Wig Layne Thompson’s own son Owen. We brought in the Magleby Junior Varsity to fill the team.



Magleby 2016 Spring Bowling League

Our Spring 2016 Magleby Bowling League ended last month with some newly awarded winners of the Todd Christensen Bowling Trophy. Mike Priday, Ryan Alleman, Garrett Alleman and Jake Viles bowled their way to victory throughout the 6 week competition. In addition to the trophy that their names will be engraved on, they each received $50 winnings. Congratulations!! And a big thanks to Jack and Jill Lanes in American Fork for hosting the event year after year








2015 Denim & Diamonds Awards

 Last Friday, on January 15th, Chad attended the 2015 Denim & Diamonds Awards. Magleby Construction is so grateful for being selected for three of the coveted awards at the event. We humbly received the 2015 Excellence in Home Building Best Custom Home of the Year for the “Mountain Villa” that Brian Bird and Kelly Ewell managed. Magleby Construction also took home the 2015 award for the Best Green Build Home of the Year for “Kaysville Residence” that Jeff Atkinson and Dean Woodard managed as well as the 2015 “SAM” Award for the Best Website for Builder or Community that Matt Palmer worked on.
2015 Utah Custom Home of the Year – Kelly Ewell and Brian Bird


2015 Utah Green Home of the Year – Dean Woodard and Jeff Atkinson


2015 Best Website – Matt Palmer

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