Magleby Construction August Employee of the Month

The August Employee of the Month is Bruce Rafiner. Bruce has been with the Magleby Construction team since April. He is currently working in the Masterpiece International commercial group as Project Manager. Ted Milner says that Bruce “has rolled up his sleeves to taken on the role as Site Manager, as well [of a medical clinic project]”. Bruce “has gone about organizing and managing our multiple installation teams & coordinated the rescue efforts of our trade partners’ failings. By doing so, he has preserved our Cultural Belief of Finish Strong, and has demonstrated the Key Result of Every Employee Accountable!” Great job, Bruce!! Thank you for exemplifying your role within the Magleby Construction umbrella.


Magleby Construction July Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Dallan LaForett who has been chosen as the July Employee of the Month by his peers. Dallan has been with Magleby Construction since September of 2014 where he started in the Carpentry Group. Currently he is helping out at the Stein Eriksen Residences project. It is said that “he has developed many talents and has shown excellent craftsmanship. He strives to do the job right and is willing to take on any task. He is dependable and very eager to learn.” Despite challenges in his personal life, Dallan continues to exemplify the Magleby Cultural Belief of Perpetuate Excellence by seeking to actively learn and teach the Magleby Construction way of Building Excellence. Dallan is yet another example of the many outstanding employees Magleby Construction is grateful to be comprised of. Thanks Dallan!


Dallan Laforett

Magleby Construction June Employee of the Month

Who has two thumbs and earned Employee of the Month at Magleby Construction??? Leif Ernst, that’s who! Leif is our awesome IT Manager and the Assistant Project Manager for Magleby Communities. Leif started with the Magleby Carpentry team, but migrated to the MPS office a couple of years ago to join the Assistant Project Manager team. He has proven his awesome technical skills by tackling various issues that have risen. He recently worked a deal with our Internet provider that saves the company a notable amount of money each month. By delivering this type of value within the company, Leif is expressing the Key Results of Fortifying our Future through financial results. Leif is a great asset to the company, and his goofy, yet productive character is in balance just enough to keep him out of trouble. Thanks for all you do Leif and congratulations!!!



Magleby Construction May Employee of the Month

For the month of May, Krystofer Gardner was chosen as Employee of the Month here at Magleby Construction. Krystofer is all about living in the system – implementing the programs that help make our work flow much better both on the job site and in the office. He has been with the company for a little over a year and is making a huge impact. He goes above and beyond what is expected and exemplifies the cultural belief of succeeding together, contributing to unity through common goals and core values. Thanks for being such a valuable team member!

Krystofer Gardner copy

Focus Stories

Below are few Focus Stories we would like to share with you! Thank you to those who share there stories on PIL.

“Jeannine was give a task to help with the Palmieri job. The task was something she hadnd’t done before. Although she had a lot to do, she accepted the challenge, made it happen, and was detailed enough to make sure that she was “doing it right the first time.” Jeannine has an eye for detail and demonstrates what it truly means to be personally accountable. She is helping to push the culture of the company forward.”  – Krys Gardner

“Last week Jimmy Larsen was doing some remodeling at the Eyring home. They are adding a second washer/dryer stack in the laundry room. There was some question about where to run the second dryer vent, as the original one was not large enough for both. The hvac contractor was brought out and it was decided to add a new wall parallel with the w/d wall to hold the new vent. Later as I was looking for Jimmy to ask a question, he told me about the new wall that had to be built. Looking at it for a few minutes together we came up with a new solution to just add a valance between the upper cabinets and run the vent straight over and out the exterior wall. Sometimes having a few people look at the same problem, you can come up with a cheaper easier way to accomplish something great. The homeowner was thrilled about the new idea and how much she was going to save in the long run.” – Tyler Hopkinson

Magleby Construction May Project Spotlight

Diamondback town homes are located in Sun Valley, Idaho. Pictured below is the first phase which was completed at the end of 2015.

_TTP0364-Edit 2_WEB

Currently Magleby is working on the early stages of phase two. It includes a redesigned and improved duplex with more bedrooms, elevators and large terraces. Two single family homes and a four-plex are also being built in this phase. Foundations are completed and framing is underway. Electrical and mechanical systems are in progress with exterior stonework on the fireplaces  being placed on the 4-plex (pictured below).


Sturctural beams and framing are beginning on the duplex and extended foundations for the single family homes. Pictured below.



With an amazing team, Magleby is on track with its schedule with each week bringing structure to the Diamondback town homes. Thank you to all those who are working so hard in making it a successful project.


Magleby Construction May Employee Spotlight

Nathan Adams

Nathan Adams

Nathan works in the Sun Valley group as a Site Manager for the Diamondback project. Nathan was born and raised in the Sun Valley area. After high school graduation Nathan went to work for a concrete company in Twin Falls as laborer pouring everything from foundations to curb and gutter. He then went on to serve a 2 year LDS mission in Detroit, Michigan. After his mission, Nathan worked on a farm, Hillside Ranch, for a season then onto Valley Maintenance in Hailey, Idaho for 5 years. After which he moved his family to SLC to work for the Sorenson Development as the Maintenance Supervisor where he managed rental properties and 18-20 commercial properties. During which he became licensed as a Home Inspector.  In 2007, Nathan and his family moved back to the valley to be closer to family. He went back to work for Valley Maintenance as the Restoration and Remediation Supervisor. He became a Project Manager and Estimator 5 years later. Wanting to forwarding his career, Nathan came to work for Magleby in 2016.

Nathan has been married to his wife, Dawn, for 15 years. They have 4 children. Nathan enjoys the outdoors especially hunting and fishing. He also loves coaching wrestling, basketball and soccer. Below are pics of his adventurous activities.

Magleby is excited to have Nathan as a part of the Magleby team!  Thank you for all your hard work!




Focus Stories

Below are few Focus Stories we would like to share with you! Thank you to those who share there stories on PIL.

“While the framers were working at the Gardiner Home, I had the pleasure of working with Curtis Garrett. We were given the task of doing the fascia. Together we had some difficulties and many occasions we could have cut many corners. I remember Curtis telling me, “Let’s do it right.” Some time passed and we went back, I remembered we looked at what we did and it still looked just as good. Thanks Curtis for reminding me to give 100% always. This impacts the Key Results – Building Excellence.” –  Marco Arana

“Dear Magleby Family – My name is Harold Fuentes and I am the Estate Manager for the Ferrante family, one of your clients at Stein Ericksen Residences. I just wanted to give a recommendation to one of your most valuable employees, who with his great attitude and commitment to excellence, made my job a lot easier. I am referring to Scott Shumway. Scott not only validated the message placed in the video by Mr Magleby, reaching to go beyond the set standards, but I believe that he had made his personal quest to make sure the receiver of his services understand that it is extremely important that he meets and exceeds expectations. Boy, and he has done just that. Kudos to this young man who has embraced the art of true service. Please make sure he knows how happy we are with his performance. He deserves to be recognized. Thanks!” – Harold Fuentes


Magleby Construction Sun Valley Golf Funderaiser

Magleby Construction Sun Valley sponsored a hole for an annual golf tournament fundraiser on May 14th that supports the local youth baseball and softball leagues. The 15th tee box was sponsored and occupied by the Magleby team comprised of Erik Nilsen, MC Sun Valley Home Maintenance Manager, his son Gabe and the MC Sun Valley’s Group Big Wig Layne Thompson’s own son Owen. We brought in the Magleby Junior Varsity to fill the team.



Magleby Construction April Employee of the Month

Scott Hudson

Scott Hudson

This month Magleby peers and executives are recognizing “The Finish Guy”, Scott Hudson, as Employee of the Month. Scott has worked at Magleby Construction for more than a decade and currently works in our Mill on the doors, cabinets, moldings and whatever gets pushed through his door to make sure we turn out the most timely, immaculate products that live up to the Magleby standard of excellence. “Sure, he may be somewhat difficult to work with at times”, his peers joke, but he is reliable and isn’t afraid to deliver value by being accountable for the company and customer resources. He’s quite the sharp shooter, too. Thanks for being such a great asset to the Magleby Team, Scott!! Congratulations!

Magleby Construction April Project Spotlight


This project is located on a beautiful lakeside lot in Park City. Due to regulations, no new construction was allowed. The building was demolished down to the foundation. On the same footprint Magleby built a gorgeous rustic modern home showcasing its reclaimed lumber and painted steel. The project was completed within its 10 month schedule. The 4 bedroom 6 bath home boasts a gourmet kitchen, butlers pantry, bouldering cave, and media room.  The Estate Team did an excellent job of staying on budget and schedule.









Magleby 2016 Spring Bowling League

Our Spring 2016 Magleby Bowling League ended last month with some newly awarded winners of the Todd Christensen Bowling Trophy. Mike Priday, Ryan Alleman, Garrett Alleman and Jake Viles bowled their way to victory throughout the 6 week competition. In addition to the trophy that their names will be engraved on, they each received $50 winnings. Congratulations!! And a big thanks to Jack and Jill Lanes in American Fork for hosting the event year after year








Magleby Construction April Employee Spotlight

Larry Crain


Larry Crain


Larry works in the Remodel group as a Site Manager. He currently just finished the Kirchheimer remodel. Larry was born and raised in Southern California until his sophomore year in high school. His family then moved to Texas where he graduated from high school and attended Lamar University in Belmont, Texas. Larry has been in construction for 15 years. He got his start when he moved back to California to work for his father’s heavy construction equipment company. After a few years he hired on with a construction company that built big box buildings like shopping malls, Best Buy, Walgreens, and commercial projects like schools, hospitals, etc. During this time Larry worked on the 4 year apprentice program getting certified as a journeyman. He worked in California as a Supintendant and Project Manager. In 2002, he was moved to Utah to build high-end residential. Wanting to further his career Larry hired on with Magleby Construction last year. He enjoys Magleby for its employee/family centered values.

Larry has been married to Laura for 29 years . They have 2 children: Ashley (24) and Garrett (19). When Larry isn’t working and enjoying time with his family, Larry loves to fly fish (favorite rivers are the Provo and Green) and riding his motorcyles. Previously, he used to race his dirt bike in super cross events!! He also enjoys cruising on his chopper!! Below are some fun photos of Larry enjoying life to the fullest!

Magleby has really enjoyed working with Larry Cain!! Thank you for all your hard work!




Chad Magleby chosen for 40 under 40 Class of 2016!

Professional Builder magazine recently announced its annual list of 40 Under 40 builder superstars. Each member of the Class of 2016 is profiled in the March 2016 issue, including our very own Chad Magleby. Chad was picked out of over 150 nominations nation-wide. A panel of Professional Builder editors selected the winners, based on both personal and professional accomplishments. At 39, Chad has successfully grown the company that his dad, Paul Magleby, established with a strong foundation. Congratulations Chad!! He is being featured in this issue of Professional Builder. You can read the digital magazine at the following link: Professional Builder March 2016.  You can also read the article on


Pro Builder Cover pagePro Builder pg 38 Pro Builder pg 39 Pro Builder pg 52









Magleby Construction Spotlight Employee of the Month

Richard Dorius

Richard Dorius-1

Richard works in the Estate Homes group as a Site Manager. Richard got his start in construction at the early age of 8 (or even earlier). His dad worked for Ferry’s Mill building moldings, window frames, etc. Though at night, Richard’s dad worked laying Formica counter tops during which he brought Richard along. Richard continued to work up through high school until Paul hired him… starting his Magleby career… at the end of summer after graduation in 1975! Richard is the longest working employee for Magleby Construction. He started working as a laborer and has worked his way up to Site Manager. Richard is a very respected and talented employee with a specialty in finished carpentry. What Richard enjoys best about his job is associating with the guys he works with and his trade contractors. He loves what he does and all the projects he has managed.

Richard has been married to his wife, Mary Jo, for a fabulous 38 years. They grew up knowing each other from a young age. Mary Jo was best friends with Richard’s cousin and thus attended a lot of family events. Their parents were and still are neighbors less than a mile a part. So it wasn’t a surprise when they started dating after high school and got married. They have 5 kids (3 boys, 2 girls) and 9 grandkids. When Richard isn’t working and spending time with his family, Richard loves outdoor activities like driving his Razor, going boating, and camping. What he likes the most is hunting, especially hunting turkey. He has killed 2 large turkeys. The pictures below show both of his catches! Way to go!

Thank you Richard for all the hard work and dedication you have given Magleby Construction over the past 40 years!!




Magleby Construction Project Spotlight of the Month

Group: Remodel

Project: Kirchheimer

Remodel started the renovation for David and Sherry Kirchheimer less than a year ago. It was completed last week. The project was a complete interior remodel. The biggest part of the remodel was the new ski lounge addition. The crawl space was dug out into a full basement including a game/tv room, ski bathroom, bedroom that included queen size bunkbeds, and a ski walk-out/entry. A new patio was built that included an outdoor fireplace. The rest of the interior was exquisitely redone. See pictures below.

David and Sherry were very appreciative and helpful throughout the completion of the project. They were fantastic clients. They LOVED the finished product and were able to celebrate David’s 60th birthday in their home last week! Great job Remodel for doing an OUTSTANDING job!


Bathroom Ceiling Fireplace Kitchen Living Room

Magleby Construction March Employee of the Month

Jimmy Larsen, Site Manager for our Remodel Group, has been honored as the March 2016 Employee of the Month by his peers and the executive team at Magleby Construction. Jimmy has been with the company for less than a year, but he delivers the value that employees at Magleby Construction strive to deliver. Jimmy exceeds customer expectations, from efficient use of his time to managing the trades. He provides legendary customer service, consistently creating experiences that result in raving fans and he demonstrates the Magleby passion and care for our customers – just as it should be. Congratulations Jimmy! We’re happy to have out on our team!


Magleby Construction Offering NAHB Certifications

Are you interested in adding to your NAHB certifications? Magleby Construction will be offering three different Green Build related courses and the first one, Green Building for Building Professionals, will be March 18th and 19th from 8am to 5pm. Registration for this first course closes tomorrow, so act fast. Contact Nicole Evans at or 801-785-9998 to register and to find out more information about the other classes being offered and other pertinent details. You can also visit the NAHB web site to view the upcoming classes (see link below). We’re also offering the classes in Ketchum, Idaho on different dates.

February Magleby Employee of the Month

A BIG congratulations to Mike Bunker, Site Manager for the Communities Group, who has been selected by his peers and executives here at Magleby Construction for Employee of the Month for the month of February. Mike has been with Magleby since 2008 and has worked his way through the ranks to his current position. Despite some personal health issues, Mike pushes through to make sure the job gets done. He expresses Legendary Customer Service that Magleby expects by demonstrating his passion and care for our customers. He is hands on and takes what the customers say very seriously. Thanks for being such a loyal team member, Mike!!



New Insurance Info 2016

Magleby is enrolled in HSA Health Plan, for your information and quick access you can go to Magleby’s health insurance provider website by clicking the link below:

Toll Free:  844-234-4472

If you need to search for a provider, click on the link below:

WOW Awards

Best in American Living is one of the oldest design awards in the country.  Sponsored by the Design Committee of the National Association of Home Builders, this award recognizes the best in design for the entire country.  The Mountain Villa won the Platinum Award for homes over 8,000 sq.ft., the Custom Home of the Year for the Mountain Region and the WOW award.  The committee created the WOW award just for this home as they were wowed by the design and quality of construction.  Each of these awards reflects Building Excellence and is a reflection on the team of professionals that work on all Magleby projects.  Congratulations to Kelly Ewell and Brian Bird who lead the team that created this award winning masterpiece.


Location: Provo, Utah  •   Architect: Upwall Design •  Builder: Magleby Construction

Interior Designer: Roxbury Studio  •  Developer: Magleby Construction



Location: Provo, Utah  •  Architect: Upwall Design  •  Builder: Magleby Construction

Interior Designer: Roxbury Studio  •  Developer: Magleby Construction



Location: Provo, Utah  •  Architect: Upwall Design  •  Builder: Magleby Construction

Interior Designer: Roxbury Studio  •  Developer: Magleby Construction


January Employee of the Month

To break in the new year Aaron Lloyd has been selected by his peers and the executive team as the employee of the month. Aaron “has been diligent in ensuring that the company name is protected and represented well on the projects he is responsible for.” Aaron is “a positive person to be around and a great team member. Magleby is fortunate to have his talents, skills, and commitment working for us. Congratulations Aaron!!



Congratulations Chad!

Chad Magleby was recognized today by the National Association of Home Builders as the 2015 Custom Builder of the Year. This prestigious award recognizes the best of the best in custom home building. Chad was gracious as he accepted this award at the NAHB International Builder’s Show. Chad is the youngest recipient of the award since it began in 2006.





2015 Denim & Diamonds Awards

 Last Friday, on January 15th, Chad attended the 2015 Denim & Diamonds Awards. Magleby Construction is so grateful for being selected for three of the coveted awards at the event. We humbly received the 2015 Excellence in Home Building Best Custom Home of the Year for the “Mountain Villa” that Brian Bird and Kelly Ewell managed. Magleby Construction also took home the 2015 award for the Best Green Build Home of the Year for “Kaysville Residence” that Jeff Atkinson and Dean Woodard managed as well as the 2015 “SAM” Award for the Best Website for Builder or Community that Matt Palmer worked on.
2015 Utah Custom Home of the Year – Kelly Ewell and Brian Bird


2015 Utah Green Home of the Year – Dean Woodard and Jeff Atkinson


2015 Best Website – Matt Palmer

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 5.14.03 PM









Star Valley Temple

Masterpiece Commercial is our team of professionals that work on commercial finish carpentry projects.  In 2015 they completed the Sun Valley Lodge and the Little America Hotel.  2016 is off to a fast start with the Star Valley LDS Temple and the Jordan Valley Hospital Cancer Center.  The Star Valley Temple is being produced by three different supply chain partners:  Cabinets by Baja, Dove Creek Doors & Masterpiece Millwork and Door.  The Commercial team has been working hard to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency on the products produced by each of these partners.  The first shipment is on its way to Wyoming and the team will begin installation in the next few days.

Chad and Joe inspect arch for the Star Valley LDS temple.


NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS)- Las Vegas

The NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) is just days away and many of our Magleby employees will be attending. IBS is the largest annual light construction show in the world, every year attracting 50,000 visitors from more than 100 countries. Attendees have an opportunity to see new products, mingle with many other colleagues in the same field, attend construction related courses, or even teach a course. Visit for more information.