~Your IT Team

We are here to once again remind you to be suspicious whenever you get an email that doesn’t SNIFF right, or a call that doesn’t sound right.

For your entertainment and education, here is a link to a video well worth your time by Mark Rober. If you don’t know who he is, he is the inventor of the “Glitterbomb” that punished porch pirates by spewing glitter all over upon opening the package. He is also the YouTube star that invented the squirrel obstacle course. For this video he once again uses the Glitterbomb to track down online scammers and educate on one of their techniques.

So serve yourself a break and a laugh, all while being educated by watching the video here: Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested) – YouTube

And as a reminder, a few months ago we posted this blog post about the SNIFF test. Here is a link to that article, and the brief summary to refresh on. LINK: Smells Phishy | Magleby Construction


Ask yourself these questions before proceeding with an email that seems off:

  • S – Sender – do you know the sender? Is the sender really who they claim to be? (E.g. it says it is from Chad Magleby, but the address is chad1342jk@gmail.com).
  • – Normal – is it normal that the sender would email you, and discuss the topic that was emailed about? If you would normally not receive communication on the topic of the email, why would things have changed? If the email doesn’t seem normal, be suspicious.
  • – Internal – does the sender claim to be someone internally within the organization? If so, why is the “External” banner bar showing? Or does the person claim to know someone internally in the organization? If so, validate with the referenced individual about the validity of the email.
  • – Familiar – are you familiar with the sender? If you weren’t expecting an email from the sender, question the validity of any attachments or links.
  • – Fishy – does anything about the email make you question? Attachments or links should NOT ask for your username or password. If so, IT would be happy to look at it first.