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Politics vs. Your Investment

Even in a tumultuous election season, staying the course with your investments is advised.

Leadership Change Highlights

The winds of change are blowing through Magleby Construction.

401k Checkup

Now is a really good time to check in on your 401k.

New Vehicle Accident Report

Here's what you need to know about a vehicle accident in a company vehicle.

Smells Phishy

Does that email you received from an external source pass the SNIFF test?

Your New Benefits Advocate

Magleby is excited to announce that we have partnered with Diversified Insurance Group as our new benefits broker. Diversified and Magleby...

Flu Shots Covered 100%

It's that all too familiar time of year...flu season. However, added to flu season this year is covid-19 and this pair...

Computer Performance Got You Down?

Putting your computer to "sleep" rather than restarting? Why restarting is better.

Secure Your Data

A message from Caliber Wealth Management Hello Magleby Folks! Caliber Wealth Management is the advisory firm...

Save Money – Get Money

Our employees paid more than they should. Learn how to save money and get money at the same time!

The Importance of Culture

Now more than ever the Magleby Construction culture is important for the success of our company.

Take the Office Mobile

There are ways to connect and use Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook on your mobile device.

Magleby Haus Featured

As we read in Magleby In Motion, Chad's house is affectionately called Magleby Haus. We are excited to share that lighting...

Best Timber Frame Home Builder

We are excited to announce that we've been recognized in Home Builder Digest as one of The Best Timber Frame Home Builders...

Using HSA Money

If you are on a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) that offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) like Magleby does...

MotivU = $50 4 U

MotivHealth has taken a very cool approach in helping you understand how their programs help you. MotivHealth believes that "Smarter members...

Outlook Search Bar

Outlook released an update. The search bar is one of the notable changes.

Prevent Your Spit from Spreading!

Who knew six months ago that wearing a neck buff or face mask would be all the rage...both good and bad? ...

24/7/365 Unlimited Doctor Access

As part of Magleby's medical plan, we offer enrolled employees and dependents HealthiestYou, a TelaDoc program that gives you 24/7/365 access to...

Safety Department Changes

As you know, Don De St Jeor has been supporting our safety efforts on a part-time basis while working with our Property...

OUCH! That Bites!

It's summer, which means insects are out in full force. Know before you go.

Project Highlight

Here's an example of why Magleby Construction has the most talented trade partners!

Lakehouse Style Recognized

We are excited to announce one of our Estate Homes projects has been featured in Utah Style & Design magazine's Summer edition!...

Women’s Build 2020

It's that time of year again! Habitat for Humanity makes a HUGE difference in the lives of...

Sign and Send Anywhere

If you use DocuSign, you have got to check out DocuSign for Mobile.

#1 Best Cabinets!

We all know that our millwork operation produces the highest quality, handcrafted product out there, but now we have additional confirmation.  As...

Don’t Be The Tallest Object

By Scott Magleby Lightning is likely to strike the tallest objects in a given area —

Training Is Here Again!

We are excited to announce that we are launching Magleby University again! We've heard from a lot of you during the...

Houzz T.V. Sport Court

Houzz T.V. interviews Chad Magleby featuring a custom home sport court.

An Industry Giant

Paul Magleby recognized in 2006 by the National Association of Home Builders.

Home & Auto Discount Program

No Leg Work Required We've all heard the commercial that 15 minutes could...

Get EDGEY with Microsoft Edge Instead of Chrome

What is Microsoft Edge? Microsoft Edge is a web browser just like Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox. Up...

Get Paid to Workout!

Did you know that Magleby Construction gives you a VASA membership or offers to pay you (and your spouse) up to $20/month*...

2019 NGBS Green Partner of Excellence

Magleby Construction wins 2019 NGBS Green Partner of Excellence!

2020 HGTV Designer of the Year Awards

We are beyond excited that our Alta Remodel project has been submitted by Drew McGukin, designer, for the 2020 HGTV Designer of...

Where Are You Going?

Planning a summer vacation can be stressful. Add COVID-19 to the mix and you've got an entirely new beast. Thankfully...

9 People Killed Every Day

If someone threw a 3,000 lb ball at you, would you try to catch it? What about if you were walking...

Using Last Pass

Having a separate password for all of your accounts makes complete sense. But, keeping track of all your passwords is a nightmare! And when you have to reset a password...well that's just painful! Last Pass can help make it easier!

$20 (or $40) FREE – MONTHLY!

Spring has sprung, summer is coming, and the quarantine has been lifted (sort of!) Get out there and enjoy! And...

Holy Heat Batman!

Temps are rising (finally!) and the throws of summer will be here before we know it! Are you prepared?

Picture Perfect

By Leif Ernst Got a smart phone with a camera in it? Who doesn’t? It’s the 21st century...

Utah Yellow Phase

Governor Herbert has announced that over the weekend of May 16th Utah will move from Orange to Yellow related to COVID-19. ...

Don’t Walk Into a Post!

How many times have you laughed your behind off watching someone that was texting while walking and they walked right into a...

Chad Impersonated

Individuals have long been a target to email scams but in 2013, the FBI started tracking a new financial cyber threat that...

Thirsty = Already Dehydrated

As the weather starts to warm up, it's HUGELY important that you stay hydrated during the day. This goes for all...

Danger! Don’t be a Victim!

Employees Fallen Prey In the last 30 days, Magleby has had THREE employees fall for phishing email scams....