Employee of the Month October 2018

Congratulations to Paul Ashby, October’s Employee of the Month for Magleby Construction! Paul Ashby was highlighted by his peers for “being very helpful on some recent projects that have been rearing some challenges in the molding and door realm. He was great about working through the issues and helping come up with solutions that helped the project be On Time and On Budget”. Paul joined the team in March of 2002 and is the Vice Present of our Magleby Trade Groups. Thanks for your dedication and for MPACTing our future, Paul!

Employee of the Month March 2018

Congratulations to Russ Tucker, manager of the Magleby Excavation team, for earning Employee of the Month for March! Russ has been with Magleby Construction since 2005. He has exemplified what it means to be Safe Everyday, taking every precaution in prepping his equipment and making sure his job sites fit protocol of a safe environment to work in. With his meticulous excavating methods, he has helped provide a more cost-effective site to work with the clients’ budgets. Russ always strives to give a “plus one” experience to those he’s doing work for. Thanks for your great work, Russ!

Employee of the Month February 2018

Congratulations to Jason McEuen! He was named Magleby Construction Employee of the Month for February. Jason has been with Magleby Construction since May of 2014. He’s currently filling the role of Project Manager in the Remodel Group and is doing a fantastic job at it! His co-workers say Jason “goes above and beyond on a daily basis. He is constantly putting the customer first and making them a priority.” Jason worked his way from the Carpentry team as Finish Manager to where he is today and he’s earned every bit of the promotion. Thanks for being part of the team, Jason!

Employee of the Month January 2018

Magleby Construction would like to announce the first employee of the month for 2018… Brad Simons! Each and every employee knows and appreciates Brad. “He is one of the hardest working men I have ever known” says Chad Magleby who works closely with Brad. Anyone who comes in contact with Brad sees how loyal and hardworking he is. Brad truly cares about each of his employees. Thank you for representing the company and making Magleby Construction a better place. Magleby Construction appreciates you, Brad Simons!

Builder of the Year 2017

Magleby Construction would like to recognize Paul Magleby for receiving the “Builder of the Year 2017” award last Friday night at the Annual Utah Home Builders Association Denim & Diamonds Awards Ceremony. Paul Magleby, founder of Magleby Construction, set out to make a difference in the building industry. With his persistent dedication to a higher standard of building, Paul led Magleby Construction to excellence and has passed on a legacy of professionals dedicated to building excellence.

A recent article recognized Magleby Construction’s work under Rustic Kitchen Appliances and kitchen design. No matter the scale or style, Magleby’s homes are produced with the utmost consideration to lasting quality. Read the article here: http://www.impressiveinteriordesign.com/rustic-kitchen-design/

Magleby Dog House!

Magleby Construction was asked by the Highland Group to build a custom doghouse that they would design for the benefit of the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  This dog house will be auctioned off at an exclusive gala on November 2nd at the Grand America Hotel.  The Huntsman Cancer Institute is unique in that 100% of the funds raised go to cancer research.  The Huntsman Family themselves underwrite the Foundation and staff salaries so it is possible to do that. Several Magleby employees went above and beyond taking pride in every detail and personally performing a majority of the work. In addition to all their construction expertise and personal craftsmanship they also helped solicit donations from trade partners, negotiated discounts, and found 9 BYU Construction Management students who volunteered their time on the project. Magleby Construction is proud to support their community and worthy causes.


Pig Roast!!

Magleby Construction’s Pig Roast was a success! Thank you to all of the close to 300 Trade Partners for attending the luncheon and for supporting Magleby Construction. We wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals of excellence without you! Thank you to all the Magleby Employees who helped roast the pigs and make this possible! Magleby Construction continually looks for ways to reach out to our local vendors and show appreciation.

5K Race

Congratulations to the Sun Valley team and their families for completing the 5K race in Ketchum, ID this last weekend and thank you to all those who participated! One of Magleby’s wonderful employees, Nathan, had two children win 1st place in their age categories! Congratulations!


September Employee of the Month

Magleby Construction would like to recognize Dusty Martin as employee of the month for September 2017. Congratulations Dusty! On October 1st we celebrate the 31st anniversary of the day Dusty joined Magleby Construction. We are so fortunate to have such a kind, helpful, bright person on the Magleby Team. Dusty is always willing to help those in need and he does so much for the company to ensure we are operating smoothly. Congratulations Dusty! We are so lucky to have you at Magleby!


Fall Trap Shooting Winners!

Announcing the winners of the annual Magleby Fall Trap Shooting! First place goes to Aaron Bufton with Chad Greenwood and Scott Hudson following close behind! Thank you to the Magleby employees who participated in this activity and congratulations Aaron Bufton for winning first place! The Magleby Fall Trap Shooting is just one of several enrichment activities Magleby provides for its employees to interact outside of work.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the video for this amazing tear down and rebuild that we did in Park City, here’s another chance to click on the link below to check it out. This before and after shot shows the existing home that was there and the beautiful Magleby home that replaced it. City mandate required that the team retain the existing home foundation. Our skilled team was also able to transform the property while maintaining the established neighborhood character.
Check out the home owner testimonial video http://maglebyconstruction.com/estatehomes/testimonials/
And for more information and pictures of Magleby Construction homes and Groups, visit our web site at www.maglebyconstruction.com.


August Employee of the Month 2017

Congratulations Joseph Newell! Joe was awarded employee of the month for August 2017! Magleby Construction is privileged to have such hardworking and loyal employees such as Joe. Joe jumped into the fast paced Magleby Communities project at Juniper Bend in Herriman and pulled off a beautiful model home in time for our Salt Lake Parade of Homes. Always doing an outstanding job, creating trust with trade partners, and finishing strong… Magleby Construction is proud to have Joseph Newell as a part of the Magleby team.

July Employee of the Month

Congratulations Destry Simpson for being recognized as employee of the month for July 2017! Destry is a hardworking employee who delivers value in everything he does. Destry works for Magleby Construction Sun Valley and leaves no stone unturned. Magleby Construction is pleased to have such amazing employees such as Destry.


© Kevin Syms

June Employee of the Month

Magleby Construction names Tom Cooper as employee of the month for June 2017! Anyone who has the privilege of knowing Tom is blessed with his kindness, hard work, and dedication. Tom has become, through his diligence and hard work, an incredible asset for Magleby Construction. He always works hard to ensure the total success of the Company regardless if that activity is his specific responsibility. Magleby Construction would specifically like to thank Tom for the enormous amount of work he has done, and continues to do, for the Parade of Homes show. Tom showed a perfect example of professionalism and personal accountability during this year’s Parade. Thank you for being a customer service champion, Tom! Congratulations!

Are you in need of some fitness advice?

Are you in need of some fitness advice?

Magleby Construction’s very own Travis Guymon has experience as a personal trainer for Gold’s Gym. Travis learned about client assessment, program design, implementation, and program progression during his time as a personal trainer.

Travis can also provide general nutrition coaching, macronutrient/caloric break down, and personalized target heart rates at various intensities.

Travis says “I still periodically write up work out plans for friends and am willing to do so  for any Magleby employee… I have a good amount of knowledge and experience on fitness and if I can make this knowledge useful to Magleby employees I am happy to do so.”

If you are interested in having Travis help you out (free of charge)  then please feel free to contact him at guymondtravis@gmail.com


Lunch & Learn with Magleby Construction Sun Valley

Magleby Construction Sun Valley recently hosted a “Lunch & Learn” for the architects who do close work with Magleby Construction Sun Valley. The class taught was Integrated Project Delivery, one of many classes architects are required to take to renew their license every year, approved by the American Institute of Architects. Magleby Construction appreciates our trade partners and sees value in educating all those who are part of the home building process.

Paul M. Magleby Scholarship

The Paul M. Magleby Scholarship was recently awarded to Zach Hassell at Magleby Construction! Zach applied and qualified for the scholarship offered to all Magleby Employees. Magleby Construction encourages employees to further their education by taking advantage of the many opportunities Magleby Construction offers, including the Paul M. Magleby Scholarship. Zach will be using the scholarship to take classes at BYU this summer. Congratulations Zach!

Employee of the Month May 2017

Magleby Construction has named Marco Arana as the employee of the month for May 2017! Marco is a team player and a hard worker. He actively seeks knowledge and understanding of Magleby Construction’s systems and expectations. He is always first in line when someone is in need of help and he sits on the front row of every class he is given the opportunity to take. Marco sincerely cares about the company and exceeds the expectations of those around him. Congratulations Marco!

Congratulations Magleby Construction!

Last week Magleby Construction was represented by Brad Simons (CFO) at the PIL Accountability Plus Conference in Washington DC where Magleby Construction was awarded a Silver Ozzie! Attendees and presenters represented a wide range of industries from the US and around the globe. The Ozzie Award is given by Partners in Leadership who recognize organizations that have embraced the program, used it to enhance their culture, focused on employee growth/improvement, and elevated their Key Results. Magleby Construction works alongside with Partners in Leadership to improve the company culture and conduct Accountability Training as we reach new heights and make a measurable impact in all we do.

Magleby Construction is pleased to announce that our very own Masterpiece Millwork & Door team was recently ranked in the Top 3 for “Best Cabinets” by Utah Valley Magazine!  Even more impressive- this is the 4th year in a row that Masterpiece has been in the Top 3.  Congratulations to the entire team at Masterpiece that continues to produce the highest quality product with passion and commitment to excellence.

Trade Partners Luncheon

Magleby Construction Sun Valley had a successful Trade Partners Luncheon yesterday with Franklin Building Supply. The fun afternoon took place at the Forest Service Park in Ketchum, Idaho where raffle prizes were given out along with Magleby Safety shirts and hats. Magleby Construction appreciates our employees and trade partners, and couldn’t have been happier to have served 200+ people at this eventful BBQ. Thank you to all of our trade partners who help Magleby Construction fulfill our goal of building excellence and making dream homes become reality for so many clients who dare to dream.

Women’s Build

For the third year, Magleby Construction’s office staff volunteered their time to help build a home for “Habitat for Humanity” during National Women Build Week. We were thrilled to be able to grow our volunteer staff by sending six women and one male (with his wife) to contribute to building the floor and a 40’ wall in the home. This is just one of the things that we do at Magleby Construction to give back to the community. We were humbled and proud to be able to help out a family in need. Habitat for Humanity is a national program that unites diverse groups to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities by building, renovating and repairing homes.

Congratulations Allen!

Congratulations Allen! Magleby Construction has named Allen Rasmussen as the employee of the month for April 2017. Allen is not afraid to take matters into his own hands in order to get a job done on time and excellently. Allen delivers value through customer service and always does the job right. Magleby Construction is proud to have dedicated employees such as Allen. Thank you for all you do Allen and congratulations!  

The Sun Valley team at Magleby Construction

The Sun Valley team at Magleby Construction– in partnership with Zion Bank and White Clouds Residences– hosted an open house event to introduce the upcoming Phase 2 of the Diamondback at White Clouds development last week.  Close to 200 architects, realtors, trade partners and other Sun Valley VIPs all gathered to see a finished townhome in Phase 1 and to view the upcoming plans for Phase 2.  Congratulations Magleby Construction Sun Valley for hosting this very successful event!


Sun Valley Bowling Night!

Magleby Construction Sun Valley had a fun Family Enrichment activity last Tuesday at the Sun Valley Bowling Alley where employees and family got together for pizza and bowling! Competitions were won, laughter was heard, and fun was had! Magleby Construction strongly believes in the bond of family and the importance of improving those relationships.

Sun Valley Building Science Training

Magleby Construction commits to ongoing training and education for our employees. Magleby Construction held a Building Science training at Zions Bank in Ketchum, Idaho for the Magleby Construction Sun Valley team. Leadership Team members, including Chad and Paul Magleby, Layne Thompson, and Todd Christensen, were in attendance. The class was taught by Magleby Construction’s local trade partner Pete Schwartz with Altitude Insulation where project and site managers learned about insulation specific building science- including how to properly install vapor and water barriers. Magleby Construction is dedicated to our employee’s safety and education as they are out on site building dream homes.

Congratulations Mark Snow!!

Congratulations Mark Snow! Mark has been named the employee of the month for the month of March 2017. One of Magleby Construction’s Cultural Beliefs is “Do It Right”. Mark Snow implements this belief into his everyday life as he teaches new employees, offers help when needed, and is always professional and thorough with his work. Mark has a great responsibility as several of our new employees start under his group; he uses that opportunity to teach new employees Magleby Construction’s standards and set them in the right direction. We appreciate you Mark! Thank you for setting the bar high and representing Magleby Construction! Congratulations!!!


Congratulations to the winning team of the 2017 Spring Bowling League! The winning team included: Gabriel Prettypaint, Ryan Alleman, Scott Shumway, and Zach Hassell! In addition to having their names on the Magleby Construction bowling trophy they each received a $50 cash prize. Way to go team! And a big thanks to Jack and Jill’s bowling lane in American fork for hosting the event year after year!

Magleby Construction Takes 3rd Place!

Congratulations wellness participants! Magleby Construction took 3rd place for the “chillest company” in the VASA “Destination Relaxation” challenge! We applaud those who participated in this challenge as we learned how to relieve stress and truly relax. Congratulations again Magleby Construction Wellness Participants!

Magleby Bowling League 2017

Our spring 2017 Magleby Bowling League continues! The 6 week competition has brought laughter and joy to our fellow Magleby Construction employees. We will wrap the competition up this Thursday as we hold the final bowling tournament! Good luck Magleby teams! And a big thanks to Jack & Jill bowling lane in American Fork for hosting the event year after year.


Chad Magleby featured in the Dallas News

At Magleby Construction we’re fortunate to be based in a state with such versatile ski resorts and slopes. Dallas News recently posted an article featuring Magleby Construction’s CEO Chad Magleby discussing this very topic. Magleby Construction is currently building the Stein Eriksen Residences near Deer Valley and one of the world’s top ski resorts. Chad says many Texans have been buying there after experiencing the rad ski conditions in Utah. Check out the article at http://www.dallasnews.com/life/travel/2017/02/20/whether-beginner-expert-go-wrong-utah-ski-resorts. For more information about the Stein Eriksen Residences and Magleby Construction visit http://maglebyconstruction.com/estatehomes/project/stein-eriksen-residence-1/.

“You Won- Go Tell the World!”

Magleby Construction was proudly awarded “2016 NGBS Green Partners of Excellence” by the Home Innovation Research Labs. We were awarded this award because we “Preform better than what is minimally required and offer a compelling example to out sector peers” as stated by the Excellence in Green Power Use. Magleby Construction’s homes are produced with the utmost consideration to lasting quality and economic innovations that protect health, safety, and the environment.


“HOUSE TOUR: AN OREM, UTAH FAMILY GETS THE DREAM HOUSE THEY ALWAYS WANTED” by Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson. Check out the home in Orem, Utah built by Magleby Construction featured on the Elle Décor magazine! Magleby Construction along with Alice Lane Home Collection helped this family have the home they have always dreamed of. Magleby Construction’s motto “You Dream, We Build” plays perfectly in this article as we see the home that a family of 8 has always dreamed of become reality. Magleby Construction ensures the best possible home design and building experience as we build your dream home.

To see the interior of the home and to take the tour, visit:



Magleby Construction August Employee of the Month

The August Employee of the Month is Bruce Rafiner. Bruce has been with the Magleby Construction team since April. He is currently working in the Masterpiece International commercial group as Project Manager. Ted Milner says that Bruce “has rolled up his sleeves to taken on the role as Site Manager, as well [of a medical clinic project]”. Bruce “has gone about organizing and managing our multiple installation teams & coordinated the rescue efforts of our trade partners’ failings. By doing so, he has preserved our Cultural Belief of Finish Strong, and has demonstrated the Key Result of Every Employee Accountable!” Great job, Bruce!! Thank you for exemplifying your role within the Magleby Construction umbrella.


Magleby Construction July Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Dallan LaForett who has been chosen as the July Employee of the Month by his peers. Dallan has been with Magleby Construction since September of 2014 where he started in the Carpentry Group. Currently he is helping out at the Stein Eriksen Residences project. It is said that “he has developed many talents and has shown excellent craftsmanship. He strives to do the job right and is willing to take on any task. He is dependable and very eager to learn.” Despite challenges in his personal life, Dallan continues to exemplify the Magleby Cultural Belief of Perpetuate Excellence by seeking to actively learn and teach the Magleby Construction way of Building Excellence. Dallan is yet another example of the many outstanding employees Magleby Construction is grateful to be comprised of. Thanks Dallan!


Dallan Laforett

Magleby Construction June Employee of the Month

Who has two thumbs and earned Employee of the Month at Magleby Construction??? Leif Ernst, that’s who! Leif is our awesome IT Manager and the Assistant Project Manager for Magleby Communities. Leif started with the Magleby Carpentry team, but migrated to the MPS office a couple of years ago to join the Assistant Project Manager team. He has proven his awesome technical skills by tackling various issues that have risen. He recently worked a deal with our Internet provider that saves the company a notable amount of money each month. By delivering this type of value within the company, Leif is expressing the Key Results of Fortifying our Future through financial results. Leif is a great asset to the company, and his goofy, yet productive character is in balance just enough to keep him out of trouble. Thanks for all you do Leif and congratulations!!!



Magleby Construction May Employee of the Month

For the month of May, Krystofer Gardner was chosen as Employee of the Month here at Magleby Construction. Krystofer is all about living in the system – implementing the programs that help make our work flow much better both on the job site and in the office. He has been with the company for a little over a year and is making a huge impact. He goes above and beyond what is expected and exemplifies the cultural belief of succeeding together, contributing to unity through common goals and core values. Thanks for being such a valuable team member!

Krystofer Gardner copy

Focus Stories

Below are few Focus Stories we would like to share with you! Thank you to those who share there stories on PIL.

“Jeannine was give a task to help with the Palmieri job. The task was something she hadnd’t done before. Although she had a lot to do, she accepted the challenge, made it happen, and was detailed enough to make sure that she was “doing it right the first time.” Jeannine has an eye for detail and demonstrates what it truly means to be personally accountable. She is helping to push the culture of the company forward.”  – Krys Gardner

“Last week Jimmy Larsen was doing some remodeling at the Eyring home. They are adding a second washer/dryer stack in the laundry room. There was some question about where to run the second dryer vent, as the original one was not large enough for both. The hvac contractor was brought out and it was decided to add a new wall parallel with the w/d wall to hold the new vent. Later as I was looking for Jimmy to ask a question, he told me about the new wall that had to be built. Looking at it for a few minutes together we came up with a new solution to just add a valance between the upper cabinets and run the vent straight over and out the exterior wall. Sometimes having a few people look at the same problem, you can come up with a cheaper easier way to accomplish something great. The homeowner was thrilled about the new idea and how much she was going to save in the long run.” – Tyler Hopkinson

Magleby Construction May Project Spotlight

Diamondback town homes are located in Sun Valley, Idaho. Pictured below is the first phase which was completed at the end of 2015.

_TTP0364-Edit 2_WEB

Currently Magleby is working on the early stages of phase two. It includes a redesigned and improved duplex with more bedrooms, elevators and large terraces. Two single family homes and a four-plex are also being built in this phase. Foundations are completed and framing is underway. Electrical and mechanical systems are in progress with exterior stonework on the fireplaces  being placed on the 4-plex (pictured below).


Sturctural beams and framing are beginning on the duplex and extended foundations for the single family homes. Pictured below.



With an amazing team, Magleby is on track with its schedule with each week bringing structure to the Diamondback town homes. Thank you to all those who are working so hard in making it a successful project.


Magleby Construction May Employee Spotlight

Nathan Adams

Nathan Adams

Nathan works in the Sun Valley group as a Site Manager for the Diamondback project. Nathan was born and raised in the Sun Valley area. After high school graduation Nathan went to work for a concrete company in Twin Falls as laborer pouring everything from foundations to curb and gutter. He then went on to serve a 2 year LDS mission in Detroit, Michigan. After his mission, Nathan worked on a farm, Hillside Ranch, for a season then onto Valley Maintenance in Hailey, Idaho for 5 years. After which he moved his family to SLC to work for the Sorenson Development as the Maintenance Supervisor where he managed rental properties and 18-20 commercial properties. During which he became licensed as a Home Inspector.  In 2007, Nathan and his family moved back to the valley to be closer to family. He went back to work for Valley Maintenance as the Restoration and Remediation Supervisor. He became a Project Manager and Estimator 5 years later. Wanting to forwarding his career, Nathan came to work for Magleby in 2016.

Nathan has been married to his wife, Dawn, for 15 years. They have 4 children. Nathan enjoys the outdoors especially hunting and fishing. He also loves coaching wrestling, basketball and soccer. Below are pics of his adventurous activities.

Magleby is excited to have Nathan as a part of the Magleby team!  Thank you for all your hard work!




Focus Stories

Below are few Focus Stories we would like to share with you! Thank you to those who share there stories on PIL.

“While the framers were working at the Gardiner Home, I had the pleasure of working with Curtis Garrett. We were given the task of doing the fascia. Together we had some difficulties and many occasions we could have cut many corners. I remember Curtis telling me, “Let’s do it right.” Some time passed and we went back, I remembered we looked at what we did and it still looked just as good. Thanks Curtis for reminding me to give 100% always. This impacts the Key Results – Building Excellence.” –  Marco Arana

“Dear Magleby Family – My name is Harold Fuentes and I am the Estate Manager for the Ferrante family, one of your clients at Stein Ericksen Residences. I just wanted to give a recommendation to one of your most valuable employees, who with his great attitude and commitment to excellence, made my job a lot easier. I am referring to Scott Shumway. Scott not only validated the message placed in the video by Mr Magleby, reaching to go beyond the set standards, but I believe that he had made his personal quest to make sure the receiver of his services understand that it is extremely important that he meets and exceeds expectations. Boy, and he has done just that. Kudos to this young man who has embraced the art of true service. Please make sure he knows how happy we are with his performance. He deserves to be recognized. Thanks!” – Harold Fuentes